- Our Mission -

We make it extremely easy to live healthier and more sustainable

Our name - our future

Groomi comes from the English word Grooming which is often used for products making animals and humans look more awesome.

We have expanded this with a mission of less plastic making all look more awesome whether it is:

  • The planet
  • You
  • Your home
  • Animals

The eternity sign in our logo signals we want the planet to last forever

Our approach to securing this is making it much easier than it is today to live more sustainable

Our story

Groomi is the world’s first lifestyle platform that makes it extremely easy for men to live healthier and more sustainably. We ensure this by delivering monthly tailor-made packages for men containing natural cleaning, household and personal care products at competitive prices. In addition, we offer a wide range of great products on top, all with a focus on men’s health and less plastic and chemicals.

Groomi was established out of frustration of wanting to live a more healthy and sustainable life, but often getting overwhelmed by the many products in the market, products with lack of transparency in what they include.

Groomi is part of the Danish/Czech company Essentials Made Easy with a core mission to make it easier for Europeans to live more healthy and sustainable.

Man not knowing what is healthy and sustainable wishing for a life more easy

Good to see you again

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