Our approach to sustainability

At Groomi sustainability is a foundation in our daily life and business model.

However, climate discussions often end in a discussion of whether one believes in it or not. At Groomi our approach is to look at things we all can agree on, and use it as a starting point for both a healthier planet and building bridges. Our approach to sustainability is:

  • Less plastic in nature and our homes
  • 10 who live sustainably in an imperfect way are better than 1 who live it in a perfect way
  • Living sustainably must be easy and not force people to change their habits


Groomi is for the everyday man who wants to continue his current lifestyle while reducing his plastic footprint on the planet. We welcome everyone from vegans to meat lovers, people who like to travel, all with the same wish of seeing less plastic and micro plastic in the nature.

Our Groomi Evolution subscription package offers products that to men in look are similar to the products they daily use, but with a more natural and organic composition. In the base package we have chosen products we for certain know can replace the classical chemical and plastic products everyone use while maintaining the effectiveness. We believe that to push men fully towards a zero plastic lifestyle will scare most men away and thus we are introducing a stepwards approach to reducing the environmental footprint we all leave on the planet. 

Welcome to the Groomi Evolution

Join the evolution

The Groomi Evolution gives you access to a hold new world of natural products. We will during 2021 introduce what we call Groomi Revolution products enabling an even more sustainable lifestyle for those who want to try it out. Below you can find examples on products that will come – stay tuned.

Current state today
Groomi Evolution
Groomi Revolution
Clasical artificial toothpaste in plastic tube
Organic toothpaste in recycled plastic tube
Organic Toothpaste in plastic jar or toothpaste tablets
Artificial laundry detergent in plastic bottle
Organic laundry detergent in recycled plastic bottle
Organic laundry paper strips
Artificial hand soap in plastic bottle
Organic hand soap in recycled bottle
Organic hand soap tablets to mix with water in a reusable bottle
Artificial all purpose cleaner in plastic bottle
Organic all purpose cleaner in recycled plastic bottle
Organic all purpose cleaner tablets to mix with water in a reusable bottle

Good to see you again

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