Floor Cloth XL Maistic – Plastic Free

Plastic-free and recyclable XL floor cloth from Maistic, which is made of 100% natural wood-based viscose.




The floor cloth from Maistic is made of 100% bio-based wood viscose, and the floor cloth is thus 100% plastic-free.

Due to the fact that the floor cloth is made of wood viscose, it dries faster than a cotton cloth, thus avoiding smelling sour.

The floor cloth is made of extra strong quality, so you avoid it curling up under the floor scrubber.

– Made of 100% bio-based wood viscose.

– 100% plastic free

– Reusable

Wash the floor cloth at 60 degrees and it is ready for use again. We recommend that you do not tumble dry the cloth, as it will be worn out faster if it is tumble dried.

The size of the floor cloth is 32×38 cm.


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