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How Groomi works

We believe living healthy and sustainable should be easy

Healthy essentials delivered directly to your home

Groomi is the world’s first lifestyle platform that makes it extremely easy for men to live healthier and more sustainably. We ensure this by delivering monthly tailor-made packages for men containing natural cleaning, household and personal care products at competitive prices. In addition, we offer a wide range of great products on top, all with a focus on men’s health and less plastic and chemicals.

1. Sign up

to secure reliable monthly deliveries

2. Customize your cart

with additional products you need

3. Free shipping

with Groomi Evolution box or orders above 60 €

4. Reschedule

skip next or cancel shipments

1. Sign up for Groomi Evolution box to secure reliable monthly deliveries

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6-8 great natural products every month

Every month you receive a tailor made package fit to exactly one persons use to secure both reliable deliveries as well as a reminder to change products like your toothbrush every three months as dentists recommends.

Explore great products

From bamboo toothbrushes and organic toothpaste to plastic free dish cloth and composable garbage bags. We make it easy for you to continue living your life like always with more natural and organic products.

You can create your own shopping cart with great products delivered conveniently to your home

2. Customize your cart to fit your need

Add great products to your order

Any specific products missing? You can easily add popular natural products to your order and update quantity if your are a big user of certain products. You are in control. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to live healthy and sustainable.

3. Free shipping to your home

A healthy, sustainable lifestyle made easy - Delivered straight to your door for free

Shipping directly to your home

We give free shipping for all orders with Groomi Evolution box as well as individual orders above 60 €. We have partnered up with great global delivery companies securing we can deliver directly to your home as well as Parcel Posts.

In doubt about our return policy? Read more by pressing the below button.

4. Change your order date

Add one time order to existing Subscription

Do you want to add more natural products to your next order? No problem. During the checkout process you can choose: “Add my order to my next subscription shipping”. By consolidating orders you save any potential shipping fees as well as reduce greenhouse gases and packaging waste.

If you want to move your next order forward to today go to your account and press “Renew now” under the specific subscription.

Reschedule or cancel your subscription

Our mission from the beginning has been it should be just as easy to reschedule and cancel as it is to sign up. Just follow these 4 steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Choose Subscriptions
  3. Press View for the Subscription you want to change
  4. Press Cancel, Skip next payment or Renew now depending on your desire

Now that you know Groomi, let's get you started

There is a lot to explore in our Groomi Evolution concept but we recommend starting with our monthly Groomi Evolution box and get to know the concept and look into all the great offers we have for our members.

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