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Most people choose to go with underwear as it makes everyday life more comfortable. And they often come in unique designs and in different colors.

Boxer shorts are designed to give the wearer more mobility than other types of underwear such as regular underpants. This allows the individual’s legs to move freely without any kind of friction or tightness against the thighs. Boxing shorts also offer more coverage in front. Men who prefer boxer shorts typically do so because they want a better feeling when running, cycling or playing sports, because boxer shorts contain much less fabric than panties, creating less friction and heat buildup.

When choosing the perfect underwear, there are 5 primary features you need to look for, which we will review below.

No mark on the back

The classic way to mark washing instructions, materials, etc. is by putting an often white paper mark with text on the back of the boxer shorts. This can often be incredibly annoying for the person wearing the boxer shorts. Therefore, as far as possible, choose boxer shorts that have printed washing instructions and material instructions on the material itself. This ensures that you do not get irritated and get marks after the classic white paper marks.

Elastic – avoid the classic but-crack at the back when you bend

It is important to choose boxer shorts that have an elastic that is both flexible but at the same time does not bend when leaning forward. Elastics in boxer shorts are often more flexible than the material in the boxer shorts, which means they can often slip down, especially if the material is not very flexible and there is not enough space. At the same time, the elastic is most often sewn with 3 stitches with rigid thread, which reduces both flexibility in elastic and material, just as it can sometimes feel irritating to the skin. We therefore always recommend boxer shorts with a slightly thicker elastic and boxer shorts with only 2 seams between elastic and material. This means, firstly, that you can take advantage of the elasticity of the elastic. And thus the elastic can therefore be a little thicker and not bend when leaning forward. A slightly thicker and tighter elastic also helps to keep the pants up in the back, so you avoid the embarrassing moment where you show your crack in the back to the whole world.

Flexible and sweat-absorbent material

When choosing boxer shorts, the material is one of the most important components. When choosing boxer shorts, find materials that are known to be flexible, breathable, bactericidal and durable. Flexible often comes with the material has what is called a 4 way stretch. Ie. it can be stretched in all 4 directions and it also makes it soft and comfortable against the skin. Breathable and bactericidal often come when choosing a new material such as TENCEL ™ Lyocell from FSC certified forests. It is known as being among the leaders in the field. Last but not least, it must be durable. Even if you choose sustainable material, it is important to choose boxer shorts that can last longer and where there are no holes or the like quickly in the boxer shorts. Here it is very much the length and strength of the fibers that are important. As a general consumer, it can be difficult to figure out which fibers it is, but again, TENCEL ™ Lyocell is among our favorites here.

Room for the nobler parts

There is nothing worse than underwear that sits too tight or bad and does not fit in the important places. The perfect boxer shorts are often somewhere between the classic loose-fitting boxer shorts and then the tighter ones. Ie. there is room, but at the same time they sit tight and do not run up your leg, so you are not constantly worrying about pulling your pants down again every few minutes while you are on. And most importantly, there is plenty of space in front so you do not have to constantly fix the nobler parts

Sustainable material

Cotton is still the preferred material for boxer shorts, but newer materials like micromodal and bamboo are also starting to storm forth as the preferred materials. But the challenge for both micromodal and bamboo is that an incredible number of chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, which you can read more about for bamboo here. We therefore always recommend choosing boxer shorts that are made of sustainable material such as TENCEL ™ Lyocell from FSC certified forests. You can also read more about TENCEL ™ here and FSC certified forests here.


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