Women’s top 4 favorites in men’s underwear

Womens favorite - black sustainable Tencel boxers

Have you ever thought about what women turn on in relation to men’s underwear? What do they find attractive? Is it the type, the color, the look? We men usually do not give much thought in relation to our underwear, and often we prefer underwear with many colors and fun patterns, especially our favorite superhero. But is that really what women want? Unless you want to go full command without underwear, then here you can get tips on what women prefer of underwear. Of course, women have different tastes, so we have tried to gather information from different studies to gather women’s bids for the perfect underwear for men. That’s why you get here a top 4 over things women value highly in men’s underwear.

Boxers Brief – The perfect length and shape

First of all, the type of underwear is important. From classic underwear to loose boxer shorts, the favorite is what is called Boxers Brief, which in Danish is often simply categorized as tight-fitting boxer shorts. As many as 64.5% of a survey conducted by Forbes preferred this type of underwear over other types. Boxers Brief is characterized by having the length of the slightly more classic boxer shorts, combined with the density from Briefs which corresponds to our more classic short undercoats. Among other things, they have the advantage of marking the man’s shapes better and they give the man a more muscular figure, and then they do not slip up. The tight-fitting boxer shorts are also highlighted as the ones that most often show a good ass. Therefore, if you want to turn on your girlfriend, wife or just woman girlfriend, then the tighter boxer shorts are the favorite, and hide the little undercoats away.

Black is the color and it is not up for discussion

We men love our colored underwear, especially those with superheroes and figures on. But if you ask the women, they have a clear favorite. And it’s 100% black boxer shorts. They are categorized as being classic which women prefer. Many colors and patterns are often categorized as being a bit childish. Black is a color that compliments the man really well and looks masculine. And in addition, black has a huge bonus for those of you who have a partner … it is significantly easier to wash away any sweat stains 🙂

Large logos on boxer shorts are a no-go

All major brands do a lot to be able to recognize the brand on the boxer shorts. But if you ask the women, they unanimously agree that big logos like Calvin Klein etc. on the boxer shorts are absolutely no-go. There is absolutely no need to stick a mark on the front to draw attention to yourself and what you are wearing. Keep it stylish, sexy and without brand selection. The Nordic minimalism in appearance has thus also found its way into boxer shorts where women prefer the simple look, where a logo does not stand out.

Sustainable material

It is no secret that sustainability is in high demand, and if you look at the research within gender sustainability, it is unfortunately primarily women who have taken it to heart. Men, and especially young men, live significantly less sustainably than women, despite the many years of focus on sustainability. Therefore, if you as a man have some boxer shorts made of sustainable materials, it is therefore an absolute plus. This may not be immediately visible to the woman, especially when you are wearing a pair of boxer shorts without a large logo as written above. But if you wake up the next day, the perfect boxer shorts will have brand and material information inside that will definitely make the rest of your day a pleasure.

Of course, although not all women have the same preferences, the above cover the main elements of what most women prefer of underwear in men. At Groomi, our sustainable, black boxer shorts without a logo will soon go on sale. You can read more about them here.

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